Try It Classes Frequenly Asked Questions



What should I wear?

Dress in comfortable clothes and shoes that you can wipe with water or easily wash. You will be provided with an apron, however, clay can splatter off the wheel, and may get on some of your clothes. Clay washes off easily as long as you are wearing a washable fabric. Pants or long loose skirts are highly recommended because your legs will need to hug the pottery wheel.


What will I Make?

As a beginner, the wheel often decides what you make as you start throwing. Throwing with intent usually happens as you gain more experience on the pottery wheel. You can expect to make 1-2 pieces.* Those pieces are then dried to leather hard firmness, trimmed, fired to bisque in a kiln, dipped in the glaze of your choice, then fired once more in a kiln. During both firing processes, we do our best to protect your pieces. Sometimes, there are construction issues with beginners’ pieces that cause them to collapse during either firing process. This is not usually the case, but we can not guarantee you will get back all the pieces you have made.

*We also can not guarantee that you will make any pieces, although this is rarely the case.

Should I cut my nails?

You do not need to have short nails to throw on the pottery wheel. However, it is much easier to work with clay with shorter nails. If you have long nails, you will be provided with sponges to cover them when you touch the clay at certain times.

Can I bring alcohol?

Yes. Wine and beer are allowed as a BYOB policy. You will also need to bring any bottle openers or special glasses. Staff are not responsible for serving alcohol.

What if I’m late?

Classes begin promptly as scheduled. There will be a demonstration on how to throw on the wheel during the first 15 minutes of class. After the initial demonstration, the entire group will start together with the Instructor. It is highly recommended that you arrive 10 minutes before the start of your session. Lessons and classes will not provide any additional demonstrations for tardy students.
As per our cancelation policy, refunds/credits will not be offered to tardy students or no-shows.

Do I glaze my own pieces?

You will not glaze the pieces you make during class. However, you will be given a wide selection of glazes to choose from at the end of your session, and you will choose the glaze for each piece you have made.

Do I need to bring anything?

Everything you need is provided for you, so please just bring yourself and a fun attitude.